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Candida Diet Meal Plan

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Meal planning for a yeast free Candida Diet is a challenge to say the least.  My first attempt at the yeast free diet was a flop primarily because I did not plan ahead and I ended up starving without a clue what to eat!  The truth is there are lots of delicious foods that you can enjoy during a yeast free cleanse but if you don’t plan ahead the Candida Diet can feel overwhelming.

I like to write my meals down in advance for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then I can use that list to grocery shop and prepare in advance of starting the yeast free diet.  You can grab a copy of my 3 Week Meal Plan at the link below for an example of how you can plan your meals and avoid getting stuck in a hunger spiral.

I hope this helps give you some more ideas of delicious meals that you can use to tackle the yeast free diet with a Candida Diet Meal Plan.



11 Responses to “ Candida Diet Meal Plan”

  1. Sheryl Peterson Says:

    This is just what I was looking for. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!

  2. Julia Says:

    It’s encouraging to hear about other people’s experiences – thank you! I’ve recently begun the Body Ecology Diet which is similar to yeast-free diets, but even goes a few steps further in rebuilding your digestive and immune systems. The book contains lots of great recipes and tips, I’d recommend it to anyone struggling with long term health issues.

  3. More Than A Mom Says:

    I’m starting a 2-week candida cleanse diet tomorrow and I have no idea where to start. Thanks to your menu plan I will now be able to eat without starving (I hope!). Much appreciated that you shared this.

  4. Whitney Says:

    Be sure to keep in touch and let me know how it goes! Best of luck to you…blessings. ~Whitney

  5. Sonya Says:

    Thanks for this….I have been looking for help!! I feel like you have the answers I have been looking for.

  6. admin Says:

    Thanks Sonya! Good luck to you! ~Whitney

  7. lorna Says:

    I was looking at your menu planner for some ides. It says sandwiches, i thought bread was full of yeast.

  8. admin Says:

    Lorna – you have to use bread that is yeast and sugar free. A good one I use is here: or you can make your own bread. ~Whitney

  9. Nikki Says:

    Hi. I did the candida diet about 15 years ago and although I didn’t follow it to the letter, I had a lot of success. I’m going to do the diet again and have sought the advice of my naturopath. According to her, you should not eat grains, dairy, fruit or vegetables other than those that are low glycemic. Going through your first week of the diet, I picked out the things that, according to her, I cannot eat. Here they are:
    tomato (it’s a fruit)
    nut butter
    rice milk (check the sugar in it, it’s as high as regular milk)
    sweet potato
    spaghetti (wheat)
    garlic bread (wheat)
    toast (wheat)
    pizza (has wheat and dairy)
    biscuits and gravy
    potato pancakes

    I’m just wondering how you can explain having these items as part of the diet.

  10. Nikki Says:

    Hi. I forgot a few. Also,

  11. admin Says:

    Hi Nikki thanks for the note. I always recommend following the advice of your doctor as he / she knows you best and can tailor a plan to your specific needs. Having said that everyone is a little different so the specific guidelines your doctor gave you don’t necessarily apply to everyone else.

    The weekly meal plan items are all made with yeast free or sugar free ingredients….including the waffles, spaghetti, garlic bread, toast, salsa etc..etc.. There are plenty of yeast free and gluten free breads you can either make or order online. This is detailed out in my cookbook. Also not everyone is gluten intolerant but if you are avoiding wheat because of the gluten there are gluten free flours you can use instead. Likewise not all spaghetti or pizza has to be made with wheat flour.

    As for the tomato – some people are sensitive to it but my personal experience is that it is fine for many people. You will want to avoid peanut butter but sun butter or almond butters are fine. If you can’t find a variety of rice milk that is sugar free we recommend sugar free almond milk. I also rely on one of my favorite books called The Yeast Connection by Dr. William Crook. In it he lists potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, whole grains and wheat on his “Food you can eat cautiously” list. Again defer to your doctor on your individual sensitivities but many people don’t have a problem with these items in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

    Again – the items listed on the weekly meal planning guide are from recipes in my cookbook where substitutions are made for the ingredients that are not allowed on the yeast free diet. Try not to get too hung up on the differences between the recommended foods on different sites and resources. If you are avoiding the major categories of yeast, sugars, dairy, fruits and fermented / preserved foods along with taking a good anti-fungal you should see progress on your diet. Good luck.


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