When doing a yeast free diet cleanse often people experience a worsening of symptoms commonly referred to as the yeast “die off” in the beginning stages of the diet.

As your body is getting used to foods without sugar and the cravings are at their worst, the first few days of the diet can be a major challenge.

It is natural to feel fatigued and irritable when starting the yeast cleanse.  This is normal.  Most of us are used to consuming so much sugar that we go from sugar high to sugar high without much time in between.  As your body slowly adjusts to the new diet you will begin to feel your energy increase and even out.

Be sure to drink lots of water in this stage to help your body flush out the toxins and keep hydrated.  It is important to drink lots of water and avoid sugary drinks, alternative sweeteners, or alcohol.  Stick with water for best results and get plenty of rest.

Be encouraged!  If you are experiencing the symptoms of yeast die off your body is adjusting to your new healthier diet.  The symptoms typically pass within a few days and often take with them some of your troublesome yeast related symptoms.

Remember:  If your symptoms are severe be sure to talk to your doctor about your diet changes and any medications or supplements you may be taking.  I always recommend being under the care of a qualified medical practitioner.


Written by Whitney Frazier
Whitney Frazier has spent more than 10 years helping thousands of people all over the world find better health with her deliciously simple recipes for use on the Candida Diet. She regularly posts articles, topics and recipes on yeast free living and personally answers questions on the Candida Diet Facebook Page.