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Sannie Manale
Gauteng , South Africa

In November 2011, I was diagnosed with Oesophangeal Candida Gastroduodenitis. They prescribed antibiotics for 14 days, which I took religiously. The condition got worse instead of improving. The doctor gave me another set of antibiotics which did not improve my condition at all. In January I googled the diagnosis an came about a lot of information about getting red of candida. I started the Diet from Phase 1, and got your recipe book. I just want to state that I feel much better, and I am 7kg lighter. I am still in Phase 11 and is afraid to try any other \”forbidden\” food. But I crave fruit more than any other food. Can I get recipes of dessert and bread (what kind is allowable?) Thank you very much for the recipe and diet plan.

On March 14th, 2012

Ambur Johnson
Ohio , Usa

I have plantars facility\’s. It is an inflamitory disease that made it painful to walk. I cried regularly and had to give up all sports. I was also dx with fibro as well as a constant exhaustion. My mind was foggy and I could not wake up. The drs offered no solutions. I spoke with a natural health practitioner who brought up the candida diet. I gave up all my bad vices and dove in. I started on a thurs and by Sunday I could walk without pain. I have more energy and my mind feels clearer. I purchased the books offered on this site and was amazed at the options that would allow me to eat normally, like my family. People ask me don\’t you miss chocolate and bread? I tell them the 20sec of pleasure is not worth the pain. I am going to start working out again. I have lost 6lbs in a week and a half, but now I can walk again the skies the limit. I am putting together a team for two charity walks .. Now j can go from sideline cheerleader to active participant!

On March 4th, 2012

Janine Buntrock
Victoria , Australia

3 months ago I went to a Natropath with some nasty Candida symptoms. She told me I need to go yeast, grain, dairy and sugar free for 3 months! While I was cleansing my body of yeast I found Whitney\’s Yeast Free Diet website and it has saved my life.I finished this cleansing diet early this week but don\’t want to go back to my old eating habits because I don\’t want to experience the symptoms that I\’ve had since being a kid. The yeast and sugar free recipes from Whitney\’s e-book are tasty and easy to cook not to mention very healthy. I am an Australian and have found 99% of the ingredients here so cooking the recipes are easy for me. When I started cleansing my system I had scored a 125 with the Candida Test on this site. I am now scoring a low 65. I\’ve lost over 19 pounds and feel amazing. I can\’t thank Whitney enough for changing my life around where I now can function each day as a healthy person without suffering Candida. Thanks Whitney 🙂 Janine

On March 1st, 2012

Julie Froelich
OH , United States

I have only known or heard about a candida and/or yeast overgrowth for about a month now. This website and all the free resources and support was a God-send! I learned all about the symptoms of my yeast infections which has helped clear up my confusion AND my symptoms! So far, it looks like I have a long way to go, and I’m still in the process of healing. But my rashes are slowly going away, I am not as constipated, I can sleep better, I’ve lots just a couple lbs, and I am slowly regaining some energy. My vaginal yeast infection seems to be getting better as well. The emails helped the most. The free recipe’s and email support was awesome. I wish I would have taken advantage of it sooner! My only downfall is personal self-discipline and overcoming my occasional cravings for gluten free snacks or fruit/sweets. Perhaps if I try this all over again, in a few weeks or months I will be rid of more of my symptoms and well again. =) Thanks again Whitney and God Bless! Julie

On January 18th, 2012

Gail Winstanley
Manchester , England

I came across your website whilst searching for Yeast Free recipes. I downloaded your recipe book and was pleasantly surprised at delicious your recipes looked. They looked NORMAL!! I say this as for years on and off a yeast free diet I couldn’t ever find recipes that were actually good enough to eat. My Daughter and Husband are Coeliac so your recipes really sit well in our family too which makes it so much easier. I cannot wait to start feeling well again!!! Thank you!

On January 4th, 2012
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