Candida Diet Food List
March 14, 2010 Blog, Candida Diet 5 Comments

It seems like there are always a handful of food groups that come up in the course of preparing for a Candida cleanse and we get a lot of questions about flour, corn, tomato, lemons and limes, certain spices, potato, etc. and what is acceptable for the diet versus what should be avoided.

It is hard to come up with a single list of food guidelines that encompasses everyone’s needs which is why this varies a little from person to person (and website to website).  Our philosophy and cookbook recipes are geared toward individuals who are experiencing the most common symptoms of yeast overgrowth but others with chronic conditions need to use their best judgment and the recommendations of their medical practitioner for certain ingredients or food groups that may need to be avoided in addition to the standard restrictions.

In general the main things to avoid are all sugars and all dairy foods as these directly feed yeast and make it impossible to regain the balance of healthy bacteria in the body.  Listen to your body and if your symptoms don’t improve within a week or you eat something and you feel worse, then remove it from your diet and try to reintroduce it again after 2-3 weeks.

For most people it is not so important to get hung up on the few items that everyone disagrees on because if you are doing everything else right and taking a good probiotic then you are moving in the right direction to regain your health. If after a few weeks you haven’t seen the results you want you can always get more strict and see how your body responds.

There are people with definite sensitivities to wheat, gluten, tomato, and other food types that a doctor will be able to help identify so that you can avoid those as part of your particular diet.  Since we are not medical practitioners we ALWAYS defer to each person’s medical professional to determine what sensitivities that need to be accounted for and we always recommend consulting with your doctor prior to starting any new diet.

Once you are ready to get started we recommend the cookbook of yeast free recipes to make your diet go smoothly by taking the work out of thinking through what to cook on the diet.  Best of luck to all the yeast fighters out there!

Written by Whitney Frazier
Whitney Frazier has spent more than 10 years helping thousands of people all over the world find better health with her deliciously simple recipes for use on the Candida Diet. She regularly posts articles, topics and recipes on yeast free living and personally answers questions on the Candida Diet Facebook Page.